College Writing Samples

University of Memphis – Department of Journalism and Strategic Media

Writing samples from various college courses:

Starbucks Racial Profiling Crisis – Public Relations Case Study

Humane Society Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Humane Society Press Release


Memphis, Tenn. Sept. 25, 2017/Commercial Appeal/– On Sept. 12, 2017, the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County took on an 8-year-old senior Labrador named Jilly. Jilly was severely injured with wounds that originated from being shot close-range with a shotgun.

While the animals that the shelter acquires often hold a sad story, Jilly’s was especially heartbreaking. “The man that dropped her off at intake said her owners had passed away,” PR Specialist Audrey Chaney of Memphis Humane said. “He was caring for her and feeding her, but she lived outside.” (Full article at link below)

Humane Society Feature Release

Humane Society Position Paper

Humane Society Position PaperHumane Society Position Paper2Humane Society Position Paper3


A career in the field of public relations can be both challenging and rewarding. It is a field that requires the individual to be skilled in telling a story. This and more was revealed after an informative interview with one of St. Jude’s Public Relations Specialists, Natalie Goin.

Natalie has been working in the public relations field for the last six years. She says that while many of her peers entered college undecided in their majors, she began her college career knowing with utmost certainty that working in public relations was the right career choice for her. “From the beginning, I just loved the story telling aspect of PR”, Natalie said. She explained that the versatility, and the numerous outlets of the career are what still make it so appealing to her. “If anything, after six years, I love what I do even more”, she said. (Full article at link below)

Media Professional Interview


As preventative care continues to move into the forefront of modern medicine, the overall value of nutrition in the prevention of disease continues to be self-evident.

Working as a clinical dietitian at Regional One Health in Memphis, Erin Dragustky sees firsthand the value of nutrition being used as medical therapy. (Full article at link below)

A Dietitian’s Advice on Using Nutrition to Prevent Disease


When it comes to chiropractic care, many cannot afford the continuous visits that are necessary to keep proper alignment with orthopedic issues. A typical visit to your local chiropractic can range anywhere from 80 to 100 dollars per visit. This can create a financial dilemma to the patient who needs to visit their doctor two to three times per week.  This problem has been remedied with the recent openings of several The Joint Chiropractic locations. (Full article at link below)

Chiropractic Chain Offers Affordable Care

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