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“I think she’s going to have to lose that eye,” she says as she walks down
the hallway with her technician following close behind her. “Click, clack, click,
clack.” Dr. Jane Ashley Huey’s heels alert anyone of her comings and goings as she
walks around the 10,000 square foot veterinary hospital. “Let’s get signed consent
for the surgery and we will take the eye out this afternoon.”

Her technician, Christina Leigh, goes into the exam room and obtains signed
consent to remove an eye that has been severely injured beyond what any surgery
can repair. The woman signing the consent form isn’t signing it for herself or any
other human family member, however. She is signing it for her 4-year-old shih tzu
who got into a fight with another dog earlier that day. The veterinarian removing
her eye will be no ordinary veterinarian. She will be a board-certified veterinary
ophthalmologist. (Full article at link below)

The Apple of Her Eye: A Veterinarian’s Passion for Ophthalmology












When my husband and I decided to take a summer vacation, we almost immediately decided that we wanted to go to a Caribbean island. After all, who doesn’t love the Caribbean? The beautiful beaches, lackadaisical island culture, and affordable travel packages make it a frequent vacation spot for many Americans. We had never been to the Caribbean however, and took some time to compare several of the islands.

Most of the islands did not differ much. Inviting beaches, local excursions, and plenty of delicious food seemed to be theme for most. Almost all the islands were fairly flat and didn’t offer much to see other than the ocean. That was the case until we discovered the island of St. Lucia. While its fellow Caribbean islands did not offer much to see outside of their beaches, St. Lucia stood out with mountainous and lush greenery, a rain forest, and a vast amount of outdoor activities. We booked our trip for a week in May, and off we went. (Full article at link below)

Travel Feature: St. Lucia – Not Your Typical Caribbean Island

BW Lucia


Getting a puppy is both fun and exciting. There is no greater joy than adding a new furry family member that you can bond with for years to come. However, in addition to the wet kisses and cuteness, adopting a puppy comes with a lot of work. Puppies require training, veterinary care, and yes – housebreaking. As a 15-year veterinary professional, one of the most common requests that I get are tips for how to potty-train that new, adorable, four-legged addition. Here are some tips to help you on your new journey. (Full article at link below)

Five Essential Tips for Housebreaking a Puppy

Image result for puppy


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